It’s not enough that this is a killer deal on a blow up doll. I mean yeah, it’s a sweet deal.

The real kicker is that people that bought this product also bought a 16 Fluid Ounce pump bottle of Passion Lubes Natural Water-based Lubricant, and a pair of DC skate shoes.

I will never look at people who wear DCs the same again.

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Tags: sex

I’m going to explode.

I’m to the brim with hormones and pent sexual energy. I’m going to take it out on something.

With a bat, some gloves, and something that may have been expensive at some point. Maybe I’ll start a fight with a day drunk, who knows.

It’s Friday.

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Too horny.

Even though my birthday was amazing, it’s never enough. 

Now that I’m not regularly draining my fluids, i’m all backed up. That DSB is getting to me. 

And now, my brain is fucking with me. 

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My hornyness is a tornado.

In tornado. It’s pretty random and can destroy anything worth keeping in order right?

Lol, it’s like a thing. Where’s my self control. 

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This could be a far stretch..

But I’m sure I can prove to myself that drumming is better than blowjobs. 



Energy better spent drumming than trying to be the stick in a tonsil hockey match. 

why am i horny 24/7

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now find me a girl who uses all these techniques and ill take care of you.

all that and more

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I need to feel sexy sometimes.

Sometimes, I wish she would buy in more to the perverted and sexual things I do.

I sometimes walk around with no underwear and my short sagging so my ‘V’ is noticably visible. I’ll turn something into a sexual pun or ennuendo while we talking to see if she ever says anything back. Or i’ll purposely stare at parts of her body that I likey while she’s standing.. A little effort is nice.